Premium Stay Kyushu
Premium Stay Kyushu
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Premium Stay Kyushu
Model Course
Kyushu royal road! Three Daimyo Yu course
3 Daimyo-no-yu in Kyushu 【Beppu / Yufuin / Kurokawa】 Staying in a hot spring
"Fukuoka prefecture" located in the northern part of Kyushu, which is said to be the gateway to Asia, "Oita prefecture" located in the east side of Kyushu, "Kumamoto prefecture" located in the center of Kyushu. It is a model course to travel around these three prefectures. I would like to visit "Oita Prefecture" if you enjoy hot springs only for "Oita Prefecture, Japan's largest prefecture Oita". Among them, "Beppu Onsen" and "Yufuin Onsen" are indispensable spa areas for hot springs. Also convenient access from Fukuoka / Oita Kumamoto Prefecture "Kurokawa Onsen" is a hot spring resort located in the mountain area, where hot springs that can enjoy a unique bath are popular. Once I visit Kyushu, I'd like to go to a hot spring spa. It is a trip of 3 nights 4 days that you can experience the natural blessings of Kyushu.
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- Service -
I will propose a "Kyushu Island trip" just for you.

Please tell us about the schedule, the spot you want to go to, the activity you want to experience, the inn you want to stay, the necessity of a guide or driver. Staff familiar with sightseeing in Kyushu will propose the best travel plan at that time only for you.

Also, please leave us the reservation arrangement for the whole journey.

Also, if you use our service, you can use "Multilingual Interpreter Call Center" which you can use for 24 hours free of charge, so you are safe in the middle of your journey.

Please feel free to contact us! ! We look forward to! !
Appeal of Kyushu
Kyushu Island is a "healing island" that makes the coming health healthy.
A country of longevity, Japan.
The secret is in old-fashioned unspoiled "nature" and traditional "food".
Would you like to experience real Japan, too? What?
I gathered a spectacular spot in Kyushu
We gathered a spectacular spot in Kyushu which I absolutely recommend to you.
There are many activities to enjoy in this wilderness.
Please pick up the spots you care about and tell us.
We propose the best travel plan according to your request.
KYUSHU Cycling Labo
- KYUSHU Cycling Labo -
Proposal of cycling course
From a half-day course for beginners to a course for Kyushu Island for professionals, We will propose a cycling course according to your taste and skill.
Full support for bike trips in Kyushu
Rental cycle, baggage transfer service, bicycle setup, guide etc, Full support for your bike trip
How to use
We exchange with expert staff by e-mail etc.
3.Booking arrangement
After completing the process, we will arrange for reservation.
Please pay a travel fee. (credit card)
※If canceled, we will refund according to the cancellation provision.
Enjoy "Kyushu Island trip" where everyone will be fine!
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