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Sakurai Futamigaura Meoto Iwa

  • Fukuoka Itoshima City (Shima)
  • Landscape

A sacred couple rock that has long been loved as a symbol of marriage

Sakurai Futamigaura is selected as a place of scenic beauty by Fukuoka Prefecture as one of the “Top 100 Nagisa in Japan”. There are stylish cafes and restaurants nearby and it is popular as a reasonable drive spot in Fukuoka City. In addition to the natural scenery during the day, there are many visitors to the sunset time because of its romantic beauty.
Standing in the sea about 150 meters from the coast, the “Meoto Iwa (Meoto)” is known as a symbol of matchmaking and marital harmony, as it makes it look like couples are getting along well together. The area has been carefully protected as a sacred place of Sakurai-jinja Shrine (Cultural properties by prefecture) since ancient times, and it enshrines male and female gods that appear in Japanese mythology.
During the ebb tide of the spring tide in May every year, the large Shimenawa rope (DINNER!), which is 30 meters long and weighs 1 ton, is re-tied and the 2 rocks are connected. The 2 rocks that are 11.2 meters high and 11.8 meters high are called Naniwa and Onnagiwa. You can enjoy the majesty that breaks up the rough waves of the Genkai-nada Sea in winter, as if you and your wife are standing in a calm beach in spring, and in summer you can enjoy the superb view of the sunset that sinks between the Meoto-iwa.

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Time required
About 15 minutes ※ Together with the surrounding walks, about 40 minutes
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Sakurai Futamigaura Meoto Iwa
[Car] About 27 minutes by car than Maehara IC
【Public transport】
After getting off at JR Chikuzen Maehara Station, Showa bus "Maehara Station North Exit" (No Kita Line) → about 30 minutes on foot from "Iishida" bus stop
Yes (free)
※ Cautions Lock the parking lot entrance at night. Car lockup attention
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There is a toilet
"Sakurai Shrine" Fukuoka Prefecture Itoshima City Shima Sakurai 4227
Kaminao Daishin, Dai Naoichi Daijin, eighty days Tsuyoshi Ojikami, Shimaoka Daimyojin, Tenjinchi 祇 eight million gods, scolding eight earthly places
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