Premium Stay Kyushu
Premium Stay Kyushu
Discover Kyushu
Kyushu Island is a "healing island" that makes the coming health healthy.
A country of longevity, Japan.
The secret is that old-fashioned "untouched" nature
It is in the traditional "food".
Would you like to experience real Japan, too? What?
Representing Japan
There is "Onsen Ryokan"
It is healed by outdoor bath in nature, kaiseki dish, and lady master's hospitality.
Only here
There is an "excellent view".
In Kyushu where there are many active volcanoes, there is a "great view" of nature that can only be seen here.
In the great nature
You can refresh by experiencing various activities in the wonderful view of that wilderness.
"Fishes of the sea, mountains of the mountains" ... and Traditional traditional cuisine
Surrounded by the sea and the mountains, Kyushu is a treasure trove of food. And please eat with the traditional cooking method that makes good use of the material. You can get health from the body.
We propose the best course according to your request.
Please contact us.
Consult with concierge
A dedicated concierge can help arrange the original travel plan and arrange accommodation. Please feel free to contact us
+81-505317-4494(10:00 ~ 19:00)
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