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Premium Stay Kyushu
Premium Stay Kyushu
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Luxury Kaiseki Lunch With Arita Porcelain Tableware

・Have an exquisite, multi-course ‘kaiseki’ meal in a restaurant owned by an antique collector. Here, genuine Arita ware — considered Japan’s finest porcelain – representing different styles throughout history is used as tableware.

・Feast on an exquisite kaiseki lunch prepared by a local chef.
・Admire the beauty of the tableware, all made of Arita porcelain.
・See an impressive selection of Arita ware that covers different styles and time periods.
・Learn about each piece of Arita ware used in more detail.
・Take in the classy ambiance of the restaurant, owned by an antique collector.

Arita ware, Japan’s finest type of porcelain, has captivated not only the Japanese, but also Westerners since the Edo period (1603–1867). Throughout the centuries, the town of Arita — for which this type of porcelain was named — has produced countless masterpieces, Arita ware was originally created as tableware.
Exported to Europe by the Dutch East India Company, Arita ware became a status symbol for wealthy Europeans. Arita ware became so popular that merchants began placing custom orders for tableware in shapes that were considered unusual for the Japanese.
This special kaiseki (multi-course traditional Japanese fine dining) lunch by an experienced local chef takes you back to Arita ware’s original, practical use. Tie-up events featuring the finest cuisine and Arita porcelain are very rare, so this is a prime opportunity to book a luxurious meal in which you can enjoy both the food and Arita’s masterpieces.
The kaiseki meal will use 6 pieces of Arita ware, all from Arita’s best kilns and representing different styles and time periods, from ancient Japan to the present.
Owned by an antiques collector, the restaurant is a treasure room for anyone who loves antiques. Countless unique Arita wares are displayed around the room. You’ll have enough time to see these rare items, or even purchase some if you like.
Accompanying you during your meal is a knowledgeable guide that will explain the tableware used, as well as the Arita wares on display. Relish and savor your meal as you appreciate the beauty of Arita ware!

Departure Point:Arita Station, Hei Hokaomachi, Arita, Nishimatsuura District, Saga 844-0026, Japan
Stop At:Genemongama Aritakamamoto, 2726 Hinoe, Maruo, Arita-cho, Nishimatsura-gun 844-0023 Saga Prefecture
Duration:2.5 hours

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