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Premium dinner at the Oharatei in Kitsuki Castle Town

  • Oita Prefecture Kitsuki City
  • History and culture

Special culinary experience in a closed samurai residence

The Oharatei, a representative samurai residence in Kitsuki with a thatched roof and circular garden that still retains the atmosphere of those days, will be the venue for a special meal featuring Kitsuki’s ingredients. Dinner will be prepared using local ingredients such as fresh seafood from Morie Bay, which stretches out below Kitsuki Castle, and beverages grown in the rich nature of Kitsuki. This is a special dining experience using the Oharatei after closing.

Before the meal at the Oharatei, a local guide (the Castle Town Kitsuki Volunteer Guide Association) will take you on a tour of Kitsuki Castle Town. The meal at the Oharatei will be a more memorable experience if you stop at the old streets, samurai residences and shops that still remain, and learn about the history and culture of Kitsuki Castle Town.

– The Oharatei is available for private use after closing time.
– Chef Katsuta of the popular Hounome restaurant in the castle town will prepare a special dinner menu using a variety of Kitsuki ingredients.
– Tableware is made from “tsuge-zaiku” crafts made in Kitsuki City and crafts made from Shichitoi rush from the Kunisaki Peninsula.

[Schedule of experiences]
17:00 Guided tour of Kitsuki Castle Town
18:10 Guided tour of Oharatei
18:30 Dinner
20:00 End

Detailed information
Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Nov * Acceptance will start from autumn 2024 onwards.
17:00 - 20:00
Time required
Approximately. 3 hours
Target age
13 years and older
Experience fee
Price (with tax): prices per person are as follows:
4 participants: 33,000 yen, 5 participants: 26,400 yen, 6 participants: 22,000 yen, 7 participants: 21,500 yen, 8 participants: 21,000 yen, 9 participants: 20,500 yen, 10 participants: 20,000 yen

[Price includes]
Guided walk around the castle town, entrance fee to Ohara House and dinner
-The room temperature is easily affected by the weather due to the old house. Please wear temperature-controlled clothing.
- Toilets are not available on the premises, so please use the public toilets outside the premises.
- Shoes must be removed before entering Ohara House.
- In the event of inclement weather, the event will be cancelled for safety reasons. In this case, we will contact you at least one day in advance via your e-mail address.
- The parking lot at Kitadai is the nearest parking lot to Oharatei. (245-1, Kitadai, Kitsuki, Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture).
- The Nakamachi parking lot is a five-minute walk from Oharatei. (269-1, Kitsuki, Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture)
Basic information
Name of facility
207 Kitsuki, Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture
Reservation acceptability
The booking is made on request. (Booking will be confirmed only after confirmation of acceptance).
- Minimum number of participants: 4
- Maximum number of participants: 10
- Application deadline: 1 month before the date of use.
- Please provide the following information:
1. desired date
2. number of people
3. contact details (email)
4. Contact details (phone)
5. whether you have any food allergies
About cancellation fee
From 14 days to 3 days prior to the day before the experience date: 50%, the day before, the day of the experience and no-show 100%.
Consult with concierge
A dedicated concierge can help arrange the original travel plan and arrange accommodation. Please feel free to contact us
+81-505317-4494(10:00 ~ 19:00)
A well-organized facility
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