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Premium Stay Kyushu
Premium Stay Kyushu
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Arita Ware Private Tour and Antiques Treasure Hunt

・In this private guided tour, you’ll visit some of Arita’s craft studios, where skilled artisans create porcelain masterpieces. After learning about Arita ware, try your luck at a treasure hunt, and get the chance to take home some prized antiques!

・Watch artisans at work in Arita’s Kuromuta district.
・See an actual climbing kiln, as well as other different types of kilns.
・Learn about Arita’s different porcelain-making techniques.
・Try your luck at a fun treasure hunt for antiques.
・Get insights and fascinating information about Arita from an expert guide.

The town of Arita in Saga Prefecture is renowned for its highly appraised porcelain, Arita ware, which has been exported all over the world since the Edo period (1603–1867).
Visiting this quaint town hidden in the mountains of the Kyushu region is a must-do for every pottery enthusiast, but most travelers usually just explore Arita’s Uchiyama district, as it is more accessible.
While Uchiyama makes for a lovely walk and also has its share of porcelain shops, the Kuromuta district has a high concentration of kilns, both historical and modern.
Kuromuta is more difficult to access, and most of its kilns are not open to the public, but this private guided tour will take you to Kuromuta to discover its secrets.
An experienced, English-speaking guide will take you to three of Kuromuta’s kilns: Shingama, Gen-emon, and Kouraku. From its facilities to its products, each kiln boasts its own unique style and characteristics.
At Shingama, you’ll see an actual ‘noborigama’ (a traditional climbing kiln) and learn how craftsmen decorate porcelain entirely by hand. Then, at Gen-emon, you’ll watch artisans at work, learn how items are fired in the kiln, and see a historical collection that includes antiques from the Edo period.
Finally, at the modern Kouraku Kiln, you’ll find out how tradition and innovation come together. Here, you’ll play a fun treasure-hunting game. Search the facility for porcelain antiques, and take home as much as you can fit in a basket!

Important information
・If you wish to hunt for higher-value antiques on the treasure hunt, you can upgrade for 5,000 JPY (payment to be made on-site)
・You can have prizes from the treasure hunt shipped for an additional fee (payment to be made on-site)

Departure Point:Arita Station, Hei Hokaomachi, Arita, Nishimatsuura District, Saga 844-0026, Japan
Duration:2.5 hours

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