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Okamotoya kiosk

  • Oita Beppu City (明礬)
  • Meals and cafes

A mellow and rich ♪ hell steamed pudding birthplace utilizing the steam of the hot spring

“Jigoku Mushi Pudding that became famous as a specialty of Beppu. Okamotoya kiosk is the origin of Jigoku Mushi pudding.
The Jigoku Mushi Pudding is steamed with the hot spring steam that contains sulfur, so the hot spring ingredients are condensed into the pudding to give it a deep taste. You will get addicted to the slightly bitter caramel and rich taste. They are handmade one by one, following the traditional method. The voluminous and popular Jigoku Mushi Sandwich made with Jigoku Mushi Tamago that uses hot spring steam is also popular. There is also a teahouse with shops where they serve Toriten, a specialty of Oita. You can enjoy the famous dishes while looking at the scenery of Beppu city from the hill, the steam of Myoban-onsen and the yunohana hut. ”

Store name
Okamotoya kiosk
Beppu City Akira 3 sets
[Car] About 5 minutes by car from Oita Expressway Beppu IC
【Public Transport】 · About 15 minutes by taxi from JR Beppu Station (West Exit) · About 30 minutes by bus · About 5 minutes by taxi from express bus iron ring exit bus stop
Yes (25)
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Not available ※ cash only
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No smoking in the store
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