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  • Oita Beppu
  • local cuisine

All handmade! Oita's regional cuisine is served with the taste of a gentle mother ♪

A restaurant where you can enjoy the nostalgic taste of Oita’s home that hasn’t changed for a long time “Kanmi Chaya”. It continues to serve Oita’s local cuisine that has been handed down from old times in the region. It is a popular restaurant that is loved by local customers and crowded with tourists. A teahouse where you can feel the Japanese atmosphere surrounded by trees. The Japanese styled restaurant with a faint light makes you feel nostalgic.
One of Oita’s specialties is miso soup with vegetables, pork and noodles made from flour (Dango) “Dango soup”. The miso soup is made with the owner’s special miso, and the dumplings are of course handmade. Lay the mixture of flour and salt water on the dough, tear it into the size of a thumb, and stretch it out one by one. The dango is cooked after the order has been received, so you can enjoy the gentle taste that is unique to handmade as it is chewy and mixes well with miso soup. The “Yaseuma” which is a hand-stretched dumpling covered with soybean flour is a local sweets of Oita and you should definitely try it too. The nostalgic simple sweetness will make you feel relieved. Other than that, there are various homemade menu items such as the homemade tail curry that is thoroughly stewed and the “Inaka Zenzai” that is made with homemade anko and freshly pounded rice cake. Try the delicious Japanese sweets that you can feel “Japanese” like the local cuisine of Oita, Japanese sweets and rice cake dishes. “

Store name
Oita Prefecture Beppu City Jimaji 1-4
[Car] 10 minutes from Beppu Interchange along Kyushu crossing road
【Public Transport】 20 minutes walk from Beppu University Station, 2 minutes walk from General Government Building Bus Stop
Yes (25 units / free)
business hours
10:00~21:00(L.O 20:30)
Reservation acceptability
Credit card availability
Total number of seats
30 seats
Private room
No Smoking · Smoking
All seats non smoking
Internet environment
Consult with concierge
A dedicated concierge can help arrange the original travel plan and arrange accommodation. Please feel free to contact us
+81-505317-4494(10:00 ~ 19:00)
A well-organized facility
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