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Ichi salt factory “Kobo Tottan”

  • Fukuoka Itoshima City (Shima)
  • Salting place, break, cafe

Let's enjoy Itoshima sweet "flower salt pudding" using natural salt while looking at the sea!

Located in the western part of Fukuoka Prefecture, Itojima Peninsula is also known as a tourist spot. A salt factory “Kobo Tottan” is located in “Head (TOTA (TAP))” to the west of Itoshima along the coast.
In the sea near the workshop, the inland sea of Genkai-nada Sea and the open sea meet, and rich minerals from the mountains and the sea mix. Taking advantage of its location, the “Other yakitori and kushiyaki” produced at salt mills is made. The salt is made from only natural sea water and is boiled in two large and small pots for three days. Because a little bittern is left, it is slightly moister than refined salt which is generally sold in large quantities. The crystals are soft and easy to melt. If you want to taste the taste of salt directly, I recommend dishes such as salty rice balls, salty soup, etc., where salt is the key. You can tell the difference by using it as a seasoning for meat or fish, as a finishing touch for stir-frying, or as a daily dish.
You can tour the workshop, so it is fun to see the actual salt making. They also sell their own products. The “Boiled egg” that is boiled in a salt pot and the “Hana salt pudding” that is a creamy custard pudding with flower salt and caramel sauce are popular! It is so popular that people line up on weekends. If you choose and buy what you like, you can have your workshop on a bench facing the sea instead of a cafe! The location is perfect for a break from sightseeing.

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Ichi salt factory "Kobo Tottan"
Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture 3757
[Car] About 30 minutes from Nishi Kyushu Do Maehara IC
Yes (20)
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