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Premium Stay Kyushu
Premium Stay Kyushu
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Yacht Sailing Experience

  • [Fukuoka] Nishi ward, Fukuoka city
  • [Activity] Outdoor & Adventure

Try a Yacht Sailing and have an exciting time!

Enjoy your holiday on a yacht on the sea. We will try our best to make all guests’ holidays memorable.
– Enjoy sailing, eating seafood from Hakata bay and strolling on the island.
– Try a sailing yacht, on which you will hear the sounds of only wind and water.
– Various plans to enjoy your time more than a daily life less than an adventure.
– See wonderful views of Hakata bay from the yacht

Tour runs with an Japanese and English speaking tour guide.

[Sample itineraries]
Sunset Cruising (Departure time differs from the season.)
– 15:00/16:00/17:00/18:00 Meeting at Fukuoka City Yacht Harbor and Orientation
– 15:15/16:15/17:15/18:15 Departure
~ Enjoy Sailing~
– 16:00/17:00/18:00/19:00 Arrival at Noko Island
~ Enjoy light meals on Noko Island (Please buy on site or bring your own)~
– 16:45/17:45/18:45/19:45 Departure from Noko Island
~ Enjoy Sunset ~ If the weather not good, we will take to the Night View Cruising.
– 19:00/20:00/21:00/22:00 Back to Fukuoka City Yacht Harbor

Detailed information
15th March - 13th December in 2020
[Women only party]10:00 / 13:00 / 16:00 [Hakata Bay Sunset Cruising] 15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00 / 18:00 [BBQ on a Yacht] 10:00 / 12:00 [One Day Plan; Lunch at Fisherman's house on Genkai Island] 10:00 / 12:00
Time required
3-8 hours (Depending on the plans)
Target age
Only for adults (Children under 18 years can join if you make a reservation for the private plan. No children price applies.)
Clothing / belongings
Please come in comfortable clothing. Recommend to bring a jacket like a windbreaker, because strong wind blows on the deck.
Experience fee
[Women only party] From JPY 6,600 per a person
[Hakata Bay Sunset Cruising] From JPY 6,600 per a person
[BBQ on a Yacht] From JPY 11,550 per a person
[One Day Plan; Lunch at Fisherman's house on Genkai Island] From JPY 9,240 per a person
Note: The prices differ from the dates. Tax included.

[What's Included] Life jackets, anti cold jackets and photo service
[What's not Included] Parking fees, transportation fees from/to meeting place
- Please take medicine for motion sickness. Recommend 'Aneron Niscap' not 'Toraberumin'.
- Please bring your own drinks and snacks.
- Please bring ice for yours. We have a cool box.
- Please keep your mobile phones and cameras safe by yourself, for example using a neck straps, in order not to fall them into the water. We cannot be responsible for it.

- Please bring a jacket like a windbreaker, because strong wind blows on the deck.
- Please come in comfortable clothing.
- Please tie a wide-brimmed hat around your neck.
- Please wear flat shoes.
- Please protect your skin from the sun, you will easily get sunburn even if it is cloudy.

- We will contact your lead traveller by 18:00 on the previous day of your scheduled date in case of cancellation by the bad weather. There are some possibilities that we cancel the tour after gathering on your scheduled day. If it’s canceled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a full refund.
Basic information
Name of facility
Sailing Service Fukuoka
Fukuoka City Yacht Harbor: 58-1, Odo 3-chome, Nishi ward, Fukuoka city
[Coming to our place]
Pier 2 in Fukuoka City Yacht Harbor: 58-1, Odo 3-chome, Nishi ward, Fukuoka city, 819-0001
[A group up to 6 people]
Meet in front of Seven-Eleven at North Exit of Fukuoka City Subway Meinohama station (姪浜駅) at 15 minutes before the starting time
[By Car]
5 mins from Atago IC (愛宕) or Meinohama IC (姪浜) of Fukuoka Urban Expressway

You will find our staff having a board 'Sailing Service Fukuoka' at each meeting point.
Parking lot in the Harbor
Price: JPY100 per an hour, JPY500 after 4 hours
Note: You are not allowed to park over night.
Reservation acceptability
Reservations available: Please contact us using the inquiry form below.
- This reservation will be confirmed after checking the availability.
- The reservation is required 5 days prior. (by 18:00)
- Please let us know the following information; lead travaller's name, address, age, gender and phone number and all travellers' names, ages and genders.
- We will accept a private tour (6 people minimum) though our tour is usually a shared group tour.
- Depending on the plans, minimum 2 people and maximum 8 people.
- Please tell us when people with disabilities want to participate so that we can provide for them.
About cancellation fee
4-7 days before scheduled date: 30%, 1-3 days before scheduled date: 50%, On the scheduled date or no show: 100%
Facility information on the hotel
- Yacht is equipped a toilet. You can change clothes in the cabin.
- We sail in the Hakata Bay. Your mobile phones are available in the area.
- Smoking upwind on the deck is prohibited.
Consult with concierge
A dedicated concierge can help arrange the original travel plan and arrange accommodation. Please feel free to contact us
+81-505317-4494(10:00 ~ 19:00)
A well-organized facility
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