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Premium Stay Kyushu
Premium Stay Kyushu
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Add Your Own Unique Design to an Arita Porcelain Coffee Mug

・In this casual and easy-to-join activity in Arita, you will become a designer for a day and decorate an original porcelain coffee mug. Using the simple technique of transfer printing, you can create an original design for your coffee mug!

・Create your unique design for a porcelain coffee mug in Arita.
・Use your imagination and try various combinations of transfer printing.
・Visit Kouraku Kiln, where artists from all over the world practice.
・Receive the guidance of an experienced local potter.
・Have a relaxing coffee time with an Arita porcelain coffee mug.

Arita ware, a highly appraised type of Japanese porcelain, is truly in a league of its own. But if you’re looking for casual, fun hands-on experiences related to Arita ware, you might not easily find them while sightseeing and walking around town. Many studios offer standard pottery-wheel experiences, but only in Japanese.
At Kouraku Kiln, which is also a hub for overseas artists to study Arita ware, you can take part in a fun, easy-to-join activity in English! This modern kiln has developed a special porcelain coffee mug with an original design, of which limited quantities are offered only during special events such as the annual Arita Ceramics Fair in May.
This is your chance to not only get a fancy porcelain coffee mug, but also to use your imagination to decorate it through transfer printing. Use any combination of paper prints you like to create your original design and make your own souvenir of your trip to Arita!

・The coffee mug will be shipped to your address in 1-2 months; please pay for shipping on the day of your visit (cash only).
・During the coffee break, you will use a different mug from the one you made.
・Kouraku Kiln also offers a treasure-hunting game (separate fee required), in which you can search for and purchase antiques from the kiln’s collection (cash only; payment to be made on-site).

Departure Point:Arita Station, Hei Hokaomachi, Arita, Nishimatsuura District, Saga 844-0026, Japan
Duration:1.5 hours

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