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Akutaya Daimon Sightseeing Boat

  • Fukuoka Itoshima City (Shima)
  • Pleasure boat

Let's look at Japan's Three Great Genbu-dong, the largest "Damon of Ashiya" from a sightseeing boat

Genkai Quasi-National Park, which includes Mt. Tachibana, known for its beautiful coastline and virgin forests of Kusunoki, is also designated as a “Top 88 bathing spots in Japan” by the Ministry of the Environment. Many people come with their families to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the pleasant sea breeze.
The “Akaya no Daimon” which represents this area is one of Japan’s three great Genbudo Cave designated as a natural monument in 1966 and is the largest. From March to December when the waves are calm, you can take a sightseeing boat from Akutaya Fishing Port for about 25 minutes and enjoy the scenery of the deep blue sea and the beehive ceiling in the cave that looks like an art created by nature.
The cave created by wave erosion (scratch) is 64 meters high, 10 meters wide and 90 meters deep. You can only see the mysterious scenery from the sea, which is like opening your mouth to the Genkai-nada Sea, so you should see it from a pleasure boat. The hexagonal and octagonal columnar joints (a columnar fissure in rock formed by natural forces) found in rock walls overwhelm those that create an objet-like shape. You can also see from the boat the (wreckage), a kind of basalt pebble filled with black stones that extend 1000 meters east of the ship and 800 meters west of it “Kuroiso”.
The excursion experience where you can see the natural scenery from the sea is a bit different from the sightseeing around the city.

Detailed information
※ March-November Diamond (year-round) ※ Partially changeable in December due to the operation in winter Diamond Winter holiday: December 26-March 15, 2017, the second and fourth Wednesday (7 -August is uninterrupted)
"[Weekdays] 10:00 / 11: 0/0 12:00 / 12: 30/13/00/13: 3/0 1 40 / 14:30 / 15: 15/16: 00 [Holiday] 10:00 / 11: 00/11: 30/12: 00/12: 30/13: 00/13: 30/14: 00/14: 30/15: 00/15: 30/16: 00 "
Time required
About 25 minutes
Target age
Clothing / belongings
nothing special
Experience fee
"One adult (more than junior high school students): 700 yen, one dwarf (3 years old or more): 350 yen
Infant (0-2 years old): 1 infant for 1 adult, 1 infant free of charge, 2 infants for small person fee "
・ The minimum number of passengers: 2 or more adults (4 or more adults on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays):
・ We accept telephone reservation, but reservation priority in window is priority
・ If reserved, go to reception 10 minutes before departure
・ Please be aware of the flight status in advance as it may be canceled due to the weather.
Basic information
Name of facility
Akutaya Daimon Sightseeing Boat
Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture 677
[Car] About 25 minutes from Nishihara Expressway Maehara Inter to Ashiya
[Public transportation] After getting off at JR Chikuzen Maehara Station, get off at "Ashiya" from Showa bus "Maehara Station North Exit" (Ashiya Line) and walk 10 minutes
Yes (free)
Internet environment
Payment method
Credit card availability
Reservation acceptability
About cancellation fee
100% of the experience fee that occurs from the previous day's cancellation
Consult with concierge
A dedicated concierge can help arrange the original travel plan and arrange accommodation. Please feel free to contact us
+81-505317-4494(10:00 ~ 19:00)
A well-organized facility
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