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Fukuoka city’s recommendation course 2

~A trip with a superb view of Fukuoka & a healing stay~

We also touch cruises and traditional culture that enjoy the scenery of Fukuoka from above the sea. Accommodation is a course where guests staying at a hotel where a healing stay pride of night view comes true.

※The following required time is approximate time. We may not be able to guide you according to the regular holiday of each facility.To arrange the means of transportation, it is necessary to arrange for either [bus · car rental · taxi].
1 day schedule
Fukuoka Airport IN
Fukuoka Airport
Approximate travel time is about 5 minutes
Fukuoka airport station ----- Hakata station (Fukuoka municipal subway Fukuoka airport line)
Approximate travel time is about 20 minutes
Hakata Station ----- Ogyo area
Time required: about 1 hour 15 minutes
【Walking around the temple in the osen area】 ※ free walk
※ Hakata Chitose Gate - (about 1 minute on foot) - Jotenji - (about 5 minutes on foot) - Sofukuji - (about 6 minutes on foot) - Tochoji Temple - (about 6 minutes on foot)
Approximate travel time is about 15 minutes
Ogi-machi → Hakata Front (Bayside Place Hakata)
Time required: about 1 hour 30 minutes
【Solaria Resort Ship MARIERA】
※ Please enjoy the view of Fukuoka from the sea with lunch cruise.
Approximate travel time is about 1 hour
【Bayside Place Hakata】
※ You can enjoy shopping at Hakata Port Tower and duty free shops. Please get off the cruise and relax.
Approximate travel time is about 20 minutes
Hakata Front (Bayside Place Hakata) ----- To each experience facility ② Forest instinct stage ③ Chikuzen Kuroda clan kiln Takatori Yaki taste kiln
You can choose a plan from ① or ②. (Caution) Depending on the fixed holiday of each facility, there are cases where we can not guide you on the scheduled date. A reservation is absolutely necessary for experiences.
所要時間 約1時間~1時間30分
【① Mori instinct stage】
※ Experience Japanese traditional art "Noh"
Approximate travel time is about 1 hour
【② Chikuzen Kuroda clanter owner kiln takatori-yaki taste kiln】
* Opening kiln 300 years - traditional tea ceremony continuing from the Edo period Takatori Yaki experience of tea ceremony
Approximate travel time 15 to 20 minutes
① Forest instinct stage ② Chikuzen Kuroda clanter kill kiln Takatori-yaki taste kiln ----- Yuizumi Tei Park
Approximate travel time is about 30 minutes
【Yuizumi Tei Park (the former residence of the former Fukuoka clan Kuroda family)】
※ Please enjoy the pure Japanese garden of Ikeizumi journey.
Approximate travel time is about 10 minutes
Tomizentei Park ---- Agora Fukuoka Yamanoue Hotel & Spa
Check-in 17:00
【Agora Fukuoka Yamanouchi Hotel & Spa】
※ Enjoy the peaceful space wrapped in trees, the night view in Fukuoka city.

It is a model course where you learn the history of Fukuoka and you can experience traditional culture only in Japan.
There are only walks and experiences courses, and for those who feel tired, the courses are also adorable to accommodation.
Staying at a long-established hotel standing in a quiet place to forget the hustle and bustle of the city, a little away from the city center of Fukuoka.
A hotel full of views and spa facilities with scenic views and a comfortable stay for a tired body healing.

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