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Solaria Resort Ship MARIERA

  • Fukuoka Hakata-ku (departure and arrival place)
  • Cruise

If you think about it, on the sea. Hospitality with cooking and scenery! Fukuoka, the only restaurant ship in Hakata Bay

Symbolic spot of Fukuoka, beautiful and rich “Nokonoshima” rich in nature, “Yahoo auction! Dome” facing from the sea, “Fukuoka tower and landscape of Bakko-hama” together with the scenery will produce the best time for Hakata Bay. Together with the scenery, please enjoy your meal in Hakata Bay’s only restaurant ship “Mariela” while feeling the sea breeze. Under the blue sky, we have two plans of the sea where the sunlight falls and glittering, the lunchtime with the view of Hakata Bay, and the dinner time wrapped in a spectacular night view.
At dinner time, live performances of jazz and classical are held every day. In addition, cruise boarding without meals is available at three hours of lunch, twilight and dinner. Please use it in various scenes for important anniversaries, parties, and events.
In Mariela you can not forget an unforgettable day while feeling the sea and the sky close. Maryella creates help in memories of Fukuoka.

<Hakata Bay restaurant ship cruise experience>
1. Lunch cruise 2. Dinner cruise
Both 1 and 2 can choose either a buffet or a course.
■ – Buffet cooking introduction – (Prepared by shipboard 1F THE OCEAN) – ■
Arranging international cuisine in Mariella style, the food ingredients are the world buffet of local produce eradication sticking to Kyushu and Fukuoka.
■ – Course menu introduction – (Prepared by shipboard 2F THE VIEW) – ■
You can choose from World Course, Continental Course, French Course.

<Hakata Bay Cruise Experience>
■ – Enjoy Hakata Bay Cruise ※ No meal plan (on board 3F THE SKY) – ■
※ For details of cooking, fee, reservation, please contact us.

Detailed information
Mid January to mid February All year round No holidays due to hull inspection ※ Confirmation of notes
Lunch cruise (operating hours 12: 00 ~ 13: 40) · Dinner cruise (operation hours 19: 00 ~ 21: 10) · Twilight cruise (operation hours 16: 25 ~ 17: 55)
Time required
Lunch cruise 100 minutes, dinner cruise 130 minutes, twilight cruise 90 minutes
Target age
No limit
Clothing / belongings
Experience fee
Rates vary depending on cruises, holding events, etc. The following is the price of one person ※ For details please inquire.
■ Lunch Cruise (Operating hours 12: 00 ~ 13: 40 * 100 minutes)
· Buffet / Adult 5,400 yen, Child 2,700 yen · Course / Adults 6,480 yen ~, Children 5,400 yen ~
* Boarding only
■ Dinner cruise (operation time 19: 00 ~ 21: 10 * 130 minutes)
Buffet / Adult 7,020 yen, Child 3,510 yen · Course / Adult 9,180 yen ~, Child 7,830 yen ~
* Boarding only
■ Twilight Cruise (Operating Hours 16: 25 ~ 17: 55 * 90 minutes)
One drink & with dry snacks / Adult 3,240 yen
* Boarding only
On the day, the boarding procedure is required 30 minutes before departure at the Mariella counter in Bayside Place Hakata Futo 1st Terminal.
Please inquire for mid January to mid February due to hull inspection for cancellation.
Weather we will inform you when we are forced to stop running due to weather (weather / ocean), other circumstances.
Basic information
Name of facility
Solaria Resort Ship MARIERA
13-6, Tsukimoto-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka prefecture
[Car] 15 minutes by car from Hakata Station 10 minutes by car from Tenjin
【Public Transportation] From Tenjin Area 【Tenjin Solaria Stage in front of A】 90th
From Hakata Station [From Hakata Station West Japan City Bank Front F Bridge] to No. 99
* Bayside Place Hakata No. 1 and 2 parking lot in the neighborhood, municipal ticket boarding parking lot available (charged)
Internet environment
Onboard / Free Wi-Fi Available
Payment method
Cash · Credit card
Credit card availability
Reservation acceptability
Reservation required two months in advance ※ You can make a reservation for the day, but there are times when you can not guide with private or full occupancy etc.
About cancellation fee
7% before boarding 20% 2 days ago 30% boarding day 50% non-boarding (no contact) 100%
Facility information on the hotel
No smoking (with smoking booth)
Allergy correspondence acceptance to food materials can be accepted ※ In some cases acceptance can not be accepted due to the convenience of food materials
Consult with concierge
A dedicated concierge can help arrange the original travel plan and arrange accommodation. Please feel free to contact us
+81 92 687 4504(10:00 ~ 19:00)
A well-organized facility
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