Hasami Ware Study Tour with Special Guide ~ '400 years history' and 'Modern daily use pottery' ~
Hasami Ware Study Tour with Special Guide ~ '400 years history' and 'Modern daily use pottery' ~
TOP > Hasami Ware Study Tour with Special Guide ~ ‘400 years history’ and ‘Modern daily use pottery’ ~
- Tour information -
Price (tax included)
Adult:¥14,000(Price from 2 people)

Included (experience fee, sightseeing guide fee, lunch fee, moving taxi fee to experience place)

Departure Point
Kurawankan (Togei no Yakata)
2255-2 Isekigō, Hasami, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki 859-3711, Japan
Stop At
Mr.Shinichiro Fujita's factory, 'Isshingama', 'Nishiyama'
3 hours
Maximum: 6 / Minimum: 2
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[Perfect for those who are interested in craftsmanship and potteries, and shopping it.]
"Hasamiyaki has been used in people’s daily lives and it has a history of 400 years. The history is exciting and its beauty of everyday things is admired by creators from foreign countries.

・In Edo era (1600s-1800s), people in Hasami made efforts to mass produce cheap and functional pottery. After that, pottery became to be liked as 'Kurawanka-wan', which is known as simple and reasonably priced one among ordinary people though pottery was expensive thing. Hasamiyaki was bestseller products in Edo era in Japan.

・In this tour,you can learn the Hasamiyaki’s history, the specialization of making pottery in Hasami and the atelier or factories where each professional cooperates with a tour guide.

・The guide will show you some ateliers and factories from automated to private in 400-year- history Nakaoyama area.

・Especially. Isshingama's design using with planes is worth to see.

・Enjoy shopping in Nishinohara, that is popular with stylish women.

11:00 〜 11:40
Meeting at Kurawankan (Togei no Yakata)
- Orientation: A tour guide will introduce about the Hasamiyaki's 400-year-history like Kurawanka-wan and Conpura-bin bottle and its making process.
12:00 〜 15:00
・Moving to Nakaoyama by a taxi.
- Lunch in Bunka no Sato 'Shikisha', eating 'Hasamiyaki Gozen'
- Looking around Nakaoyama with a tour guide; world's largest ascending kilns etc.
- Visit an artisan who is professional in casting - Visit 'Isshingama' factory that are famous for its carving pottery
- Visit 'Nishiyama', a big pottery factory
Moving to Kurawankan (Togei no Yakata) and finish the tour
Enjoy shopping in Nishinohara, which is famous with women upon request
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- Other courses -
Adult: ¥18,000
Experience Hasami Ware with professionals
~ '400 years history' and 'Modern daily use pottery' ~
Adult: ¥5,000
Enjoy the selected Hasamiyaki, a modern daily
use pottery, and the original course by a chef
Adult: ¥27,000
Hasami Ware 2-Day Tour with Special Guide
~ '400 years history' and 'Modern daily use pottery' ~