Premium Stay Kyushu
Premium Stay Kyushu


  • Fukuoka Itoshima City (Shima)
  • Auberge
  • 1 adult (1 night with 2 meals) 25,000 yen (Service fee, excluding tax) ※ 2,000 yen extra on Friday, Saturday, and the day before the national holiday

You can feel the nature of Itoshima with your five senses, and see the Genkai Sea "Auberge".

An inn that is listed in the Michelin Guide and limited to 2 groups a day “Soga Ono Ishuan”. It is an inn that boasts the location of the sea overlooking the Genkainada Sea.
There are 2 types of elegant rooms that emphasize the Japanese atmosphere. A room with a terrace where the sea spreads out in front of you and you can relax with the sea breeze and the magnificent view. The other is a room where you can enjoy audio using a vacuum tube amplifier. In addition, there are 2 types of reserved open-air baths in the building, a cypress bath and a rock bath, and anyone can relax from the tiredness of the trip without hesitation. You can enjoy the cypress bath called where you can see the sea and the rock bath called “Yuzu citrus” where you can feel the sound of waves and the sea breeze. After you have healed your body, you can enjoy dishes made with ingredients unique to Itoshima.
With the concept of “Bounty of the sea and land”, they lavishly use seasonal ingredients from Itoshima and serve various dishes. They use seasonal ingredients that is bought on the day like the brand beef “Itojima beef” and seafood from the sea of Itoshima. You can enjoy the special dishes made with the chef’s unique cooking method that makes use of each feature. In addition to the ingredients, the taste of carefully selected ingredients such as salt, miso, soy sauce, sake, rice, water, etc., with attention paid to your “Delicious moment.” will shine. As for the meal, you can have it in your room with an emphasis on your private life as well as in the ocean view terrace. Enjoy your precious time with the original hospitality of Sangha Ono.
Other than that, there is also an experience plan such as cruising and horse riding where guests can experience the nature of Itoshima. (* There will be an additional charge in addition to the accommodation fee. Reservation up to 1 week before the day of use * The event will be held even if it rains.) Relaxation island “Itoshima” where you can relax with natural beauty and care for your loved ones. If you want to enjoy Itoshima, you should definitely stay there.

Name of facility
Fukuoka Prefecture, Itoshima-shi, Shimakuya -2 2143
[Car] 1 hour from Fukuoka city
[public transportation] 15 minutes by taxi from "Kafuri" Station on the JR Chikuhi Line.
Dedicated plans and paid options available
Yes (Free)
Check in Check out
IN 15:30 OUT10:00 
Room type
Japanese-style room (2 rooms)
Total number of rooms
2 rooms
Room information
All rooms have a toilet (bidet), all rooms have air conditioning and a refrigerator (Paid drinks available).
Internet environment
Support/Wireless LAN (Free) Coverage * No PC rental
Credit card availability
Available: JCB, VISA, Master, AMEX, Diners Club, DISCOVER
Facilities on site
Shokujidokoro (Isshu-an Temple)
Hot spring
Public bath, open-air bath, sauna
Open-air rock open-air bath, cypress open-air bath
Hand towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving, cotton swabs, combs
Samue and Dryer
*No loungewear for children * Please contact us for details of cruising experience and horse riding experience.
Consult with concierge
A dedicated concierge can help arrange the original travel plan and arrange accommodation. Please feel free to contact us
+81-505317-4494(10:00 ~ 19:00)
A well-organized facility
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