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Itoshima Recommended Course 1

~Itoshima full of nature full travel~

Itoshima enjoying course that you visit in the scenic spot where you experience the nature of Itoshima and staying in the Michelin Guide limited to two pairs a day.

※The following required time is approximate time. We may not be able to guide you according to the regular holiday of each facility.To arrange the means of transportation, it is necessary to arrange for either [bus · car rental · taxi].
1 day schedule
Fukuoka Airport
Fukuoka Airport-----To rent-a-car reception
Approximate travel time is about 1 hour
Fukuoka Airport-----Itoshia(※Toll road use: Fukuoka city high-speed ring road, via Maehara road)
Approximate travel time is about 30 minutes
【Sakurai Futamiura Kusoikoi】
※ Commemorative photo taken at the scenic spot selected also for "Japan's Nagisa 100 Selection" and "Japanese Sunset 100 Selections"!
【PALM - BEACH - the - Gardens】
* Resort in Itoshima · Futamigaura. Restaurants, cafés and grocery stores are located along the coast
Approximate travel time is about 5 minutes
For lunch, you can choose plans from ① to ④. (Caution) Depending on the fixed holiday of each facility, there are times when you can not guide at the scheduled date
Sakurai Futamigaura Musume rope ----- ① ~ ③ each meal location
Approximate travel time is about 1 hour
【① Uraso river in the west: Happy Peak】
※ Japanese restaurant suitable for "superb view". The specialty is living river of fresh squid ♪
※ You can taste Hawaiian cuisine that imaged southern country. Futami burger is also popular!
※ Itoshima's ingredients, locally produced local dishes using seasonal items
Approximate travel time is about 5 minutes
Sakurai Futamigaura Musume rope ----- Sushi / Japanese cuisine sky - ku -
Approximate travel time is about 1 hour
【④ sushi · Japanese food sky-ku-】
※ Sushi and Japanese cuisine using fresh fish from Itoshima ※. Vegetable sushi with Itoshima vegetables is also popular!
Approximate travel time is about 30 minutes
Each lunch place ----- Daimon pleasure boat of Akutoya
Approximate travel time is about 30 minutes
【Daimon Pleasure Boat of Akaya】 ※ From March to December
※ The scenery of the azure sea and gigantic cave is just mysterious!
Approximate travel time is about 20 minutes
Daemon pleasure boat of Akatsuya ----- Salt mill of Ichiya "I made a workshop"
【Again one of the salt factories "Kobo took it"】
※ Please watch flower salt pudding while watching the spectacular view of the sea!
Approximate travel time is about 20 minutes
In addition, one of the salt manufacturing plants "Kobo Totten" ----- Monka Ono ~ Ichirouan ~
CHECK IN 15:30
【Monka Ono ~ Ichirouan】
※ 2-pair limited accommodation per day published in the Michelin Guide. Happy dinner with a cuisine made with Itoshima's seasonal ingredients luxuriously ♪

The spot of Fukuoka hot topic “Itoshima”.
It is an island that casually drops in at a distance of approximately 30 minutes by car from Fukuoka center.
Since it is a continental island even as an island, you can enjoy driving while watching the scenic beautiful coastline. Itoshima has many charms such as a cafe that enjoys the location of the sea, a cuisine made from Itoshima’s ingredients, and a scenic spot where you can experience nature. For those who want to enjoy Itoshima slowly It is a suggestion of a trip to stay in Itoshima.

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