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Beppu Onsen Hoyo Land

  • Oita Beppu
  • One day return hot spring, mud water

Whole body mud pack with natural mud water. Let's experience mudwater which is rare in Japan!

A hot spring facility “Beppu Onsen Hoyo Land” where you can feel the nostalgia and history of the Showa era. This hot spring facility was once called Konya Jigoku and was recorded in the ancient topography of Bungo Province ‘Bungo Fudoki’ (Oita Prefecture). The source of the hot spring is a mixture of corrosive clay and underground water, which is a rare mud-water spring in Japan. The characteristic smell of the hot spring component (sulfur) is also unique. There are various types of baths such as gender-separated indoor baths (mud bath), colloid baths (milky white hot spring), waterfall baths, and steam baths. If you want to enjoy the mud bath, try the “Open-air large mineral mud bath” mixed bath that has a lot of freedom. (* Mixed bathing is separated by entrances and exits, with partitions.). As muddy water removes dirt and excess fat from skin, it leaves your skin moisturized and clear after bathing. It is a hot spring that makes women happy with their beautiful skin. Soap and shampoo cannot be used in all baths here to keep the source of the hot spring clean and protect the blessings of nature. Wash off the dirt on your body with hot water. The muddy hot spring, which is rare in Japan, is a place you should visit at least once when you come to Beppu.

Detailed information
No rest
From 9:00 to 20:00 (closed), indoor mud water and steamed water: to 19:30 (closed)
Experience fee
Adults: 1,100 yen, dwarfs (elementary students): 600 yen, infants: 350 yen
※ The open-air bath is a mixed bath.
※ In the case of indoor mud water, it is not possible to bathe under elementary school children.
※ You can not use soap or shampoo in all baths.
※ There is no equipped amenities / towel, bath towel, hair dryer are charged.
Basic information
Name of facility
Beppu Onsen Hoyo Land
Oita Prefecture Beppu City Akira 5 pairs Ashiya hell
[Car] About 7 minutes by car from Oita Expressway Beppu IC to Meirin Onsen area
【Public Transport】 From JR Beppu Station West Exit by Turtle's Ibus Ritsumeikan Pacific University, 25 minutes by safari, get off in front of Ashiya Jigoku
Yes (200)
Internet environment
Payment method
Credit card availability
Facility information on the hotel
-Towel: 200 yen (sales)-Bath towel: 700 yen (sales)-Soap, shampoo and rinse can not be used
-Dryer: 100 yen-Coin locker: 100 yen, 200 yen
・ There is a dining area ・ There is a rest area
Consult with concierge
A dedicated concierge can help arrange the original travel plan and arrange accommodation. Please feel free to contact us
+81 92 687 4504(10:00 ~ 19:00)
A well-organized facility
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